The Great Clay Adventure: Clay Sculpture with Frank Fleming

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WHO:  Frank Fleming is an award winning Alabama sculptor who makes his home in Birmingham. Fleming draws upon his childhood and upbringing to create a world of wonderful creatures. Raised in rural Alabama, he developed a deep kinship with wild creatures and a refined eye for forms in nature. The easy combination of animal and human elements comes not from antiquity and polytheistic beliefs but from observations that reveal the kinship between animal and human behavior. This combined with an incisively whimsical sense of humor, produces works that appeal to everyone fascinated with things of this world. His work is on display throughout the country.  For more information, go to his web page

WHEN:  February 08, 2014                                    10:00-2:30

WHERE:  Montgomery Museum of Fine Art, Studio 2

Blount Cultural Park (Call if you need directions)

WHY:   Come join us for an exciting time and a unique opportunity—spending time with Frank and learning about clay sculpture! Hands-on is the way to get over your fear of using clay (or Model Magic!) in your classroom. Bring a picture of a frog or a lizard or a something because you’re going to leave with your original piece of art. Just think how impressed your students will be.

Download: Great Clay Adventure Flyer Feb 2014