Coming Soon! – SUPERDAYS 2017


CONTRA-TIEMPO Dance for Schools

w/ Rebecca Renard-Wilson  and Diana Toledo partnership with AL Dance Council (Birmingham)

Discover the place of movement as a catalyst for writing and storytelling in this workshop. The presenters from the California-based company will lead participants in community-building exercises, movement/text exploration, and process reflection.



Monet:  Art in Nature/Nature in Art.

w/ Durinda Cheek

French Impressionist painter Claude Monet was known for his paintings of his water garden.  He was also a master gardener who designed and oversaw the garden.  Monet said, “I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.” Adaptable to Life Science in all grades, we will explore the ecosystem and habitat of the water garden and life cycles of the creatures who exist there.  We will create our own Impressionist works with different media such as model magic, paint, and printmaking.  Come away with lots of ideas for using Monet in the classroom for Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science.


A Pedagogy of Questioning

w/ Ivan Hannel

We all know that questions are important to learning. And we know that most teachers already ask tons of questions. But are we planning the questions before we ask them? Do our questions scaffold logically and fluidly? Do we have specific strategies for overcoming disengagement behaviors such as when students say, “I don’t know” (or act like it)?

MARCH 10-11

Moving Through Math

w/ Marcia Daft

Move learning off the blackboard and into students’ bodies and minds through active, movement-based, arts integrated instruction. Nationally renowned arts educator Marcia Daft spent twenty-five years developing Moving Through Math — an innovative approach to teaching mathematics that brings to life conceptual parallels between music, movement, and math concepts.