Dance Festival – January 2015

We Are Like Rivers, We Are Rivers:


Movement, Action and Art Through Metaphor and Simile

with Peter DiMuro

WHO: Peter DiMuro is the Executive Director of The Dance Complex in Boston, where his first professional performance was with Gerri Houlihan’s Boston Dance Project at The Dance Complex of Cambridge. Ruth Birnberg, Susan Rose and Concert Dance Company (dancing the works of Deborah Wolf, Bebe Miller, Lucinda Childs, Wendy Perron, Keith Terry and many others) also provided Peter mentorship early in his career. He received an MFA in Dance from Connecticut College under Martha Myers; a BFA in Theatre from Drake University, early study with Sally Garfield, and continued study in New York, Boston and at the American Dance Festival.

WHEN:  FRIDAY, January 09, 2014                         8:30-3:30

WHERE:  Children’s Dance Foundation 1715 27th Court South Birmingham, AL 3520

WHY:   Participants will work with simile and metaphor – and related lessons stemming from them – in two parallel ways. In the first “doing” way,  we will create mini-dances based on simile and metaphor translations into movement, supporting  ELA: LITERACY STANDARDS.  The second way, the “concept/reflecton” mode, explores how we as teachers and artists  can use metaphor and simile as thought processes to build our own unique, self-sustaining ways of creating fresh approaches in learning exchanges in the classroom and the world at large.This workshop will be clearly applicable to both classroom and dance teachers.

Download: FLYER Dance Festival Jan 2015