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Middle School Socials Studies and Arts: 3 Lessons VIDEOS LESSONS 1) CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT IN THE US 1900-1930sCultural-Development-in-the-US-AIEA-Lesson Plan DownloadCultural-Development-AppendixDownload 2) SOCIAL AND CULTURAL CHANGES IN US SINCE WW IISocial-and-Cultural-Changes-in-the-US-AIEA-Lesson PlanDownloadSocial and Cultural-Changes-AppendixDownload 3) WHERE’S THE POWER? GOVERNMENTAL SYSTEMSGovernmental-Systems-AIEA-Lesson PlanDownloadGovernmental-Systems-AppendixDownload

ONLINE PROFESSIONAL LEARNING LESSON Cathy Hess Wright and Liza Cardinal Simpler

Cathy Wright, retired – Montgomery Public Schools Office of Curriculum and Instruction, serves as a teaching artist and comprehensive arts education facilitator for the Alabama Institute for Education in the Arts (AIEA). She developed and implemented the program in Dance for the very first magnet school in Montgomery (CCPAC – now housed at Booker T. Washington Magnet High School), and she led Montgomery Public School’s K-12 Arts Integration Initiative prior to her retirement. She also founded AIEA’s Dance Institute. She is the 1992 American Teacher Awards Performing Arts Honoree/Dance, a 1995 National Endowment for the Arts Artist-in-Education Fellowship recipient, and she served on two Alabama Course of Study/Arts Education committees for the Alabama State Department of Education. She co-authored (with Randy Foster) the Alabama State Department of Education’s ACCESS Distance Learning Arts Survey course online, and she currently serves as an arts facilitator/evaluator for AIEA’s ACES (Arts Connections Enhance Student Success) program at Vaughn Road Elementary School in Montgomery. A native of Montgomery, AL, Liza Cardinal Simpler trained at the… Read More »ONLINE PROFESSIONAL LEARNING LESSON Cathy Hess Wright and Liza Cardinal Simpler