Summer Institute

Summer Institute

Summer Institute 2019

The ART of STORY: Sweet Home, Alabama

Summer Institute

Institute 2019 will be held June 10-14 in Montgomery. Schools are encouraged to send teams of at least 2 teachers (and administrator) as we explore the essential theme of The Art of Story as reflected in the arts. Cost for the five days is $350 BEFORE APRIL 1; $450 AFTER. Some scholarship assistance is available: contact AIEA immediately.

What is comprehensive arts education? It is not a specific curriculum. It is a way of teaching and learning that is based on the inquiry method. Some of the work you do will make you a better teacher by simply expanding your experience. As one teacher said last summer, “ I am always amazed at how much I learn every day to help make me be the best I can be!.” There will be lessons that will fit your class or grade, specifically, and there will also be sessions that may not. But in each of these cases you will be encouraged to adapt our general to your specific.

What will I be expected to do? You will attend sessions in an art discipline from 8:30– 4:30 each day. There is one required nighttime activity, and you are expected to be there; it does count for professional development hours. And you will have fun!

Throughout the week, we will be looking at the stories the artist tells in a work and the story the viewer finds through studying the work. As you do this, you will discover ways for you and your students to tell your own stories.

How do I choose which arts area? You may participate in Visual Art, Theatre, Music, OR Dance. Administrators will experience all areas. We encourage a first year school to send at least two people to one discipline so you will have someone to plan with when you return home. Each of the Institutes emphasizes the processes of listening, analyzing, and creating art over the result or product that is made. Here is a taste of what the different Institutes could be studying.

Dance: Ever wonder how to deepen student understanding of molecular formations or broaden their involvement with ecosystems? Through explorations of the basic elements of movement (time, space, and energy), participants engage in a foundational understanding of how dance connects to subjects across the curriculum. Emphasis is placed on creating, performing, responding, and connecting movement and dance. Participants leave inspired and supported with classroom resources, DVDs, CDs, books, and instruments.

Music: In the Music Institute you learn to infuse elements of music—rhythm, melody, timbre—into your classroom. You do not have to be “musical” to love this area. Active engagement in listening, creating, performing, responding, and connecting is the primary goal of this Institute. Music sessions are designed to cross grade levels and curricular areas and are taught by music specialists and teacher artists. You will receive CDs, texts, resources for your classes, units of study, and lots of surprises.

Theatre: Create fun and excitement in your classroom by bringing the roles of the theatre (actor, designer, critic, writer, et al) into your curriculum. Our theatre experts model “hands-on” strategies that support and strengthen your students’ literacy skills, as well as invigorate your personal teaching style. Take home texts, supplies, and resources to implement your learning in your classroom. Give you and your students the courage to be creative through a new-found theatre strategy.

Visual Art: Explore the roles of artist, art historian, art critic, and
Aesthetician. Working in the environment of the Montgomery Museum of Fine Art, you will be creating artworks with a variety of materials and in different styles. Discover the connections of art with your own curriculum using resources you will receive—prints, lesson plans, books, and units of study.

Administrators’ Leadership: Meet with other Administrators and visit the other Institutes to find ways to authentically infuse the arts in your school program, both as content areas and as support strategies to other academic areas. Receive resources to advocate for the arts in your community and to implement classroom learning, look at long-term planning options, and become part of a network that supports arts learning for all children and staff.

Friday is Rotation Day! Teachers (and administrators) are reunited as a school team and spend the day rotating through all of the art areas under the theme–Art of Story: Sweet Home, Alabama. Each participant receives the multi-disciplinary units, and resources for school-wide, classroom implementation.

Housing: AIEA has made arrangements with SONESTA ES Suites for discounted housing for the week. It is located a few minutes’ drive from both the Museum and Saint James School. For rate information or to make reservations, call the following number and ask for AIEA Block: SONESTA Suites: 334-270-3300 or use this link AIEA – Student Block. Participants must make those reservations BY MAY 1 directly with the hotels, not through AIEA.

Follow-up is provided to participants throughout the year. Staff will conduct site visits in the fall and spring. Institute Directors and participants will communicate via e mail. In addition, AIEA sponsors up to four SuperDay sessions across a wide range of topics each year, free to any participant from AIEA schools.

We will have a great time of learning at Summer Institute 2019, and we look forward to having you join us. Please contact Randy Foster ( if you need more information. Phone is 334-396-2432.

This project was funded in part by Federal Grants under No Child Left Behind (NCLB) [P.L. 107-110, Title II, Part A/Subpart 3] administered by the Alabama Commission on Higher Education. $85,000 (42%) of this project was financed with federal funds. $118,709 (58%) was provided with non-federal funds.

Opinions and findings expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the position or policy of the U.S. Department of Education, the Alabama Commission on Higher Education, or the State Department of Education and no official endorsement by either of these agencies should be inferred.

Additional funding was made possible through grants from the Alabama State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts, and private foundations and corporations. AIEA is greatly appreciative of the support of these organizations.

Download: AIEA Institute Registration Packet 2019

Housing costs are extra and are the responsibility of the participants. Limited scholarship help is available Contact AIEA immediately