SuperSaturday Session

SUPERDAY 2017 Sessions Announced!

Each year AIEA presents at least four SUPERDAY sessions, designed to enhance the prior training of participants in other AIEA professional development activities. These sessions are free to teachers in AIEA schools. Previous SUPERDAY sessions have included Reader’s Theatre and Literacy, Music and Science, Motion and Math, as well as individual training in each art discipline. Presenters have included nationally renowned teachers and trainers, in addition to prominent artists and performers. Also, each year, in conjunction with the Alabama Dance Council, AIEA presents a Dance SUPERDAY at the Alabama Dance Summit— presenters have included artists such as Anne Green Gilbert.

SUPERDAY, 3-4 one day, discipline-specific or cross-curricular workshops, open and FREE to any participant in other AIEA training.

Last year, we had

  • Literacy and the Arts with Allison Upshaw in Tuscaloosa (Oct.),
  • Dance with Margo Greenlee in Birmingham (Jan.),
  • The Great Clay Adventure with Frank Fleming at MMFA (Feb.) and
  • Realize Your Rhythm with John Scalici in Montgomery (Apr.)